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The hydraulic mining drill of type WGH-13UP-Ex is designed for manual rotary drilling of holes in coal and soft to moderately hard rock using drills consisting of a hexagonal rod with a suitable tool.


Working conditions

The WGH-13UP-Ex type hydraulic mining drill can be used to work in underground workings of mining plants classified as methane explosion hazard class a, b or c, and coal dust explosion hazard class A or B, as well as those classified as non-explosion hazard.


The drill machine features a mechanical impact mechanism that assists the operation of the drill and a water flushing system that eliminates dust generated during drilling, optimizes the removal of drilling debris from the hole, and cools the drilling tool.

The hydraulic drill machine WGH-13UP-Ex is equipped with a control mechanism that immediately shuts off the drill after the rod becomes jammed in the rock, thus eliminating the risk to the operator's hands. This mechanism is registered as Invention No. P.432298 with the Patent Office as a hydraulic drill control mechanism.


Technical Parameters Hydraulic mining drill type WGH-13UP-Ex
Maximum Torque [Nm] 101
Maximum Power [kW] 4,51
Speed [rpm] 50 ÷ 830
Impact Frequency [bpm] 500 ÷ 8300
Rated Operating Pressure of the Working Fluid [MPa] 25
Maximum Operating Pressure of the Working Fluid [MPa] 30
Working Fluid Flow Rate [l/min] 2,5 ÷ 41,5
Displacement [l/min] 25 at 500 rpm
Optimal Operating Temperature of the Working Fluid [°C] 20 ÷ 60
Maximum Operating Temperature of the Working Fluid [°C] 80
Type of Working Fluid
  • Mineral oil HLP 22-68 acc. To DIN 51524,
  • Mineral oil HM 22 ÷ 68 acc. to ISO 6743/3,
  • Wather-oil-Emulsion 0,3%
Washing Water Pressure [MPa] 0,4 - 0,6
Weight [Kg] ~ 12,1

Additional Technical Parameters

Ambient Temperature [°C] - 20 ÷ +40
Filter Accuracy [μm] 100
Maximum Drilling Diameter ø48mm


Parameter values may vary by ± 3%.