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The roots of the company can be traced back to the year 1913. Currently, MOJ is a modern and dynamically developing company engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of equipment, offering a wide range of services to the mining, energy, and oil sectors.

Technological expertise, a constantly modernized machinery fleet, and experienced specialists have contributed to the creation of a broad product range that harmoniously complements the product offerings of renowned manufacturers within the Fasing Group worldwide. 

The company offers a wide range of hydrodynamic clutches and flexible couplings, electric drilling machines, hydraulic drilling machines, and pneumatic drilling machines, anchors and hydraulic units, torque and ratchet wrenches, lubrication heads, and more. The diverse range and extensive production capabilities enable the company to operate and compete with representatives of this sector in Poland and around the world. 

MOJ S.A. also provides services in the field of renovating its own products and conducts development activities. It is the creator of the legendary MOJ 130 motorcycle, which has been exhibited at numerous shows, including the Technical Museum in Warsaw (Muzeum Techniki w Warszawie).

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