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Tokarska 6 Street, 40-859 Katowice

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Design department

MOJ S.A. has its own construction department, which processes documentation using Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Mechanical software.

The Construction Department is involved in the following activities: 

  • Creating construction documentation for products according to customer orders, 
  • Developing new products, 
  • Modernizing older products, adapting them to new requirements, 
  • Designing new tools, 
  • Ensuring compliance with normalization principles and creating product series in designed products, 
  • Creating documentation for new branded products for a patent attorney for submission to the patent office, 
  • Updating construction documentation, 
  • Explaining and resolving discrepancies in construction documentation, 
  • Creating and overseeing technical documentation, 
  • Creating manuals for our products, 
  • Responsible for creating technical documentation for the product in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines for the purpose of certifying our products, 
  • Implementing design changes to the manufactured product, such as using new materials, 
  • Gathering information from the marketing department regarding the products used. 

All products delivered and tested by the Construction Department to the Production Department, as well as products adapted to current requirements by the Construction Department, are included in the commercial offering on the MOJ S.A. website under the "Products" tab.