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Tokarska 6 Street, 40-859 Katowice

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Metrology lab

Metrology lab equipped with a modern coordinate measuring machine from the German company WENZEL.

The model XO 87 enables measurement services in the following areas: 

  • Product quality control and improvement, 
  • Inspection of component quality in relation to construction documentation, 
  • Assessment of component wear, 
  • One-time and series measurements, 
  • Operation manual for the coordinate measuring machine and measurement software. 

The coordinate measuring machine has a measuring range of 800 x 1000 x 700 mm (x, y, z). It is equipped with the swivel and rotary head PH10 and the probe head TP200 manufactured by RENISHAW. The PH10M probe head has two motorized axes with 720 repeatable positions at 7.50° intervals. Metrosoft CM software is used for conducting measurements, allowing for the measurement of standard elements (shafts, housings, hubs, etc.). 

Measurement uncertainty according to PN EN ISO 10360-2 for the TP 200 probe head: 2.5 + L / 300 MPEE [μm] 

Permissible weight of the object being measured: 800 [Kg]