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The pneumatic anchor drilling machine PKU-3 is a versatile machine designed for drilling blast holes in roofs and anchor holes in medium-hard and hard rocks.


The placement of the drill on the side of the drive has achieved a very compact design with a relatively high value of active stroke. The PKU-3 rock drill was specifically developed for low mining spaces and excavation sites where immediate anchoring is required after blasting, as it allows drilling from the mining muck piles. The minimum height of the mining space is determined by the length of the drill and is 1400 mm.


The pneumatic bolting drill PKU-3 is intended for drilling blast and anchor holes in the roof of underground structures with a height of 1400 mm in medium-hard and hard rock, using a pneumatic support stroke of 740 mm. It is also designed for the installation of anchors. Upon customer request, it is possible to manufacture a bolting drill with a different cylinder stroke.

The PKU-3 bolting drill allows for adjusting the position of the control valve based on the height of the excavation. This adjustment is carried out by the operator at the drill site. This solution significantly reduces inconvenience when working with the bolting drill. Maximum drilling diameter Ø 45mm.


Weight kg ok. 50,0
Maximum height with retracted support mm 1020
Minimum height with extended support mm 1760
Cylinder stroke mm 740
Minimum supply pressure MPa 0,4
Maximum supply pressure MPa 0,6
Stroke rate at minimum pressure 1/min 1950
Impact energy at minimum pressure J 24,5
Drill rotation at minimum pressure 1/min 200
Clamping force at minimum pressure kN 12,8
Air consumption at minimum pressure m³/min 3,2
Air hose diameter mm 25
Diameter of the water hose mm 12,5
Dimensions of the hexagonal drill shank 22,2x108 or 25,4x108


Upon customer request, it is possible to manufacture an anchor with a different length and a corresponding effective stroke.