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The pneumatic drill hammer type WUP-22 with pneumatic support type P-62L is used for drilling holes in medium-hard and hard rocks using compressed air up to 0.6 MPa.

Powiększ WUP-22 DRILL + P-62L SUPPORT

It has the ability to remove cuttings using a water flush or blow them out with compressed air. To increase efficiency when drilling horizontal and inclined holes, the drill is suitable for use on a P-62 M stand. The support is used to stabilize the drill during operation and apply consistent pressure, reducing the effort required by the operator. When drilling, the components must be lubricated with machine oil, preferably using a grease gun. Tools used include hammer drills (monoliths) or drills made from hexagonal rods, and drill bits for hammer drilling with a small diameter.


The design of the drill and the support ensures that they are devices of Group I, Category M2 according to the Polish regulation of the Minister of Development dated June 6, 2016, concerning the requirements for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres 2014/34/EU (Official Journal of Laws of 2016, Item 817).

Technical data

Technical parameters of the pneumatic hammer drill type WUP-22

Parameter Unit Size
Weight (without drill bit) kg ok. 22
Impact rate (at 0.4 MPa supply pressure) min-1 1950
Drilling speed (at 0.4 MPa supply pressure) U/min 200
Impact energy J 28
Maximum compressed air supply pressure MPa 0,6
Minimum compressed air supply pressure MPa 0,3
Air consumption (at 0.4 MPa supply pressure) m³/min 3,2

Dimensions of the hexagonal drill chuck (6kt.


mm 22,2 (⅞") x 108 lub 25,4 (1") x 108


The technical parameters of the pneumatic support P-62L

Parametr Unit P-62L-880 P-62L-1281
Weight kg 22,6 26,7
Length in retracted state1 mm 1348 1749
Stroke1 mm 880 1281
Maximum compressed air supply pressure MPa 0,6
Minimum compressed air supply pressure MPa 0,3
Clamping force at 0.4 MPa supply pressure kN 2,0

1 - it is possible to make the length in the retracted state and the support stroke according to the customer's requirements.