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MOJ S.A. is a dynamically developing modern company in the electromechanical industry. Since 2007, the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The experience gathered in technology since 1913, a continuously modernized machinery park, as well as the skills and professionalism of our employees have allowed us to create a unique product range that represents a harmonious composition of products of our own production and equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. 

We offer our customers a wide range of industrial couplings, drilling equipment, and so-called small mechanization devices for mining. The company has its own design and technology department. The specialists working there provide our customers with professional technical advice and ensure the right selection of our equipment for technical solutions and projects, tailored to the individual needs and expectations of our customers. 

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the company's commercial offer, and for those of you interested in capital investments, we invite you to visit the Investor Relations pages. 


It is one of the most interesting motorcycles produced in Poland before World War II. It was the first model made exclusively from Polish parts and originated from the factory of its creator, Engineer Gustaw Różycki. 

In February 1937, a special show organized for journalists introduced the new MOJ motorcycles. These were vehicles from a brief information series. In August of the same year, the first mass-produced MOJs hit the market. 

By the end of 1937, MOJ underwent its first modernization. The key changes made at that time included the switch from manual to foot-operated gearbox control and the correction of the shape and method of fuel tank attachment. The use of a saddle-shaped fuel tank was abandoned, and instead, a simpler tank integrated into the frame was used. The design of the MOJ clearly displayed the influence of German technical solutions. 

In the second half of 1938, the MOJ underwent another round of modernization. During this time, the cylinder was changed to a single exhaust port, two exhausts, straight exhaust pipes, and a short intake manifold. Changes to the intake and exhaust system increased the performance and top speed while keeping the same engine displacement. 

This version of the motorcycle, produced from late 1938 to September 1939, is our most well-known and best-preserved version. They were considered good and sturdy motorcycles, appreciated for their durability and interesting aesthetic appearance. The benefits of this motorcycle were also appreciated by the Polish army, which purchased a specific batch of them to train drivers in armored units. 

Source: MOTORRAD 1999/8, Tomasz Szczerbicki 



Single-cylinder, two-stroke, with a locked transmission. 
Displacement: 128.2 cm³ (Cylinder diameter x piston stroke - 55 x 54 mm) 
Compression ratio: 5.5 
Maximum power: 3.5 HP (2.6 kW) at 3550 RPM 
Wet multi-plate clutch 
Two-speed gearbox, foot-controlled 
Ignition and lighting with generator - 6V magneto 
Maximum speed: approximately 65-70 km/h 
Fuel consumption: approximately 2.5 l/100 km 


Double, enclosed, pressed steel sheet 
Front suspension: Telescopic fork with a friction shock absorber 
Rigid rear suspension 

Dimensions and Weight 

1895/750/900 mm (Length / Width / Height) 
Approximate weight: 70 kg 

Production Years 

Produced units, most likely around 600 in total.